Welcome to Kevin Wickersham Photography!

My name is Kevin Wickersham and I am a fine art photographer based in Lacey, Washington. I have been fascinated with photography ever since I began playing with my mom’s camera equipment around the age of seven. I got my own film camera at around the age of 10 and spent my free time burning through roll after roll of film. I haven’t been the same since.

What first captured my interest and continues to drive me today is the ability to see our world from a unique and beautiful perspective and immortalize that moment to be shared with others. I enjoy the serene moments of wildlife and flowers in natural landscapes as well as capturing the human experience through portraits, and occasions both momentous and ordinary. I have recently explored utilizing alternative and unusual methods to create abstract fine art photos, which has yielded stunning results including some of my favorite shots. There is nothing that I don’t enjoy photographing!

My wife Brianna and I work as a team, photographing weddings, portraits, and all kinds of special events throughout Western Washington. From the coast and peninsula to Southwest Washington and Portland, Oregon, up to Everett, Bellingham, and the North Cascades, there’s no place we won’t go to deliver expert and friendly service to our clients! We pride ourselves on our flexibility and our broad range of skills we can draw upon to deliver a unique experience and product to each of our clients.

 Click here for price lists for photo sessions, weddings, and other occasions. Please contact us to set up a free consultation to hear more about our services.

-Kevin and Brianna Wickersham